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Replacing Picasa?
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Picasa users love jMedia

In February 2016, Google announced they would stop supporting Picasa, the beloved Windows and Mac app for managing your photos. By March 2016, Picasa web albums went away, and Google began pushing users to move to their cloud-based app called Google Photos. Unfortunately, Google Photos with all its automatic cloud wizardry offered an experience that falls short of the control Picasa users have come to expect when manage their photos and videos.

Fear not! Mylio is a free and powerful Picasa alternative that can keep you in control of your library of photos, videos and more.

Move your library from Picasa to jMedia.

Before you start with jMedia, we recommend you consider if you want to import the original image files, and/or the Picasa edited versions. Once you’ve decided, you can follow instructions to export all your images, tags, captions, locations and face tags and import them all into jMedia App. jMedia is not build to just replace Picasa but to provide the ultimate solution to transfer, share and backup your precious assets like photos, videos and documents.

Apps like Apple Photos and Google Photos require you to save all of your photos on their cloud servers. We do this by having your devices communicate directly without needing the cloud. jMedia pays attention, tracks your changes, and manages your files to maximize your available space.

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