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Free Photo & Video organizing, sharing and transfer

To organizing, transfer and share your photos, video and documents with your friends and family Quick & Easy way.

Understanding jMedia

jMedia App is the ultimate solution to transfer, share and backup your precious assets like photos, videos and documents. This suite comes with Mac, iPhone and Android apps with Cloud integration. This helps users to quickly find, tag and share media with friends & family. jMedia allows you to transfer videos, photos and documents from one device to another.

What is jMedia?

What is jMedia

jMedia is a free app for Mac, iOS, and Android available in App and Play stores. It simplifies media file sharing and transfer between multiple devices with ease and speed. It is the fastest organizer app available which can process Terabyte of data.

How jMedia works?

How jMedia works

To start with you need to create connection with your local folder, external hard disk or with cloud storage service. Add your media files to jMedia to organize them automatically. View media files on any device by transferring or syncing.

Why use jMedia?

Why use jMedia

Save time and reclaim control of your memories. jMedia gives you the ability to collect, organize, privately share and protect your memories without compromising your privacy. All this with any cost or licensing fees.

Transfer multiple files with Ultra Speed

Now you can transfer your media files - photos, videos and document between multiple device seamlessly with amazing high speeds.

Mac ♦ iPhone ♦ Android

Transfer your multiple media files between different Devices - iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac. You can transfer files with Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi. You can also sync-up selected media file between different devices using our cloud solution.

Transfer multiple files
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Store your files without limits

Store virtually any type of file on your device. Enjoy them anywhere, anytime. Even offline. And quickly share them with other devices over WiFi or internet. Access your media files from external Hard disk and see thumbnails even when external hard disk is disconnected.

Free of cost !!

Free to download and use. No fees for App usage for personal purpose.

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Works with Wi-Fi

Works over your local Wi-Fi network or Internet. It also support Wifi-Direct technology which make file transfer possible even without Wi-Fi.


Quick & easy

No configuration required, no need to enter an address to connect. Devices are automatically discovered. Select files and they are transferred to your devices and computers in seconds. Without USB cable or iTunes.


Quick Share

Make it easy to share Photos, Videos and Documents with family and friends. Ultrafast transfers. Send photos, videos, and files of any size in seconds.


RAW Support

Transfer photos in RAW formats from iPhone, iPad or Android to Mac.

Original Quality

Original Quality

Easily copy full resolution photos & HD videos from your Device to your compute.



Preserves photo metadata (EXIF) in all transfer directions

Bulk access

Bulk access

Upload and download multiple photos, videos and documents at once.

Web Access

Web Access

View your iPhone/iPad/Android photos in your computer's web browser.

Zip Download format

Zip Download format

Download selected photos as a ZIP file when using a web browser.

Awesome Features

Awesome Features

Fully packet with multiple feactures, makes it a full suite solution.


Fully Supported

Have live and active support team providing 24 x 7 support for our product. Continuous enhancement and improvement.



Search Photos, Videos and Documents with help of inbuilt searching.



Continuous scroll and multiple views for quick and easy disvovery of Media files.

Speed Matters

Speed Matters

Quick to access your files and no extra databases are created in your Devices. Best use of file system.


Award Winning Design

Best UX and design to facilitate the user to access the information with minimum hassles.